Message of the Day 8/18

Life comes at you fast and we never know when something will have a everlasting affect or if when it will all abruptly come to an end. Some of us operate as if we have all the time in the world but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The tomorrow we often speak of may never come; the I will get to it later may never occur. Take advantage of the moment and live in such a manner where we are racing against time; while believing that time waits for no one.

Find time to work towards accomplishing your goals, facing your fears and spending time with those in your life that matters the most. In the midst of life and all the responsibilities that comes with it, make time for your family and friends. Never miss the chance to tell someone you love them or express how you feel.

Do not hesitate to try new things. Push fear to the side and take chances. Take a chance on yourself. That goal you set at the beginning of the year that you may have pushed to the side, reevaluate and execute. Still want to pursue a new health kick? Go for it. Don’t allow the opinions of others stand in the way of your vision over your life. You don’t need a fresh week or new month to start, the time is now.

There will be times where you have absolutely no one in your corner. However, don’t allow the lack of people that root for you to stop you from living and going after what your heart desires. Learn to separate yourself from the outside world expectations and go for what you know. If you’re passionate about something you wish to achieve then remain focused. Distractions will occur but that is just apart of the process. Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged

The Power of Emotions

Sometimes we let our emotions get the very best of us. Our emotions have a way of affecting our moods at the drop of a dime. The key in life is to control our emotions but sometimes that’s inevitable. Emotions are a perfect representation of self control. Having the ability to control our emotions is imperative because it reflects our actions. Anger, happiness, grieve and sadness is all a trickle effect of our emotions and how we choose to express them. Each individual emotion is triggered by either by yourself, others and the things you experience. I’ve had quite the battle with my emotions over the last few months. My emotions basically overpowered my life in a way it hasn’t in awhile. No desire to create, no desire to do anything productive outside of work. It got to the point where I just wanted my husband and kids near. I didn’t even want my babies to even go outside and play. Why? Fear.

At the end of March, I had a family member that I was very close to pass away unexpectedly and it really took my family by surprise. I’ve lost a lot of family members over the years and I managed to do a great job suppressing my emotions so that I wouldn’t struggle with the aftermath. I admit that isn’t the best way to handle things but it worked for me.

However, that day all the emotions I buried over the years suddenly came to past and I could not shake them. I went back and mourned my mom’s death who passed away over 10 years ago. I mourned when it happened but not in a way I should have to release all the emotions I was feeling. I mourned other family members who recently passed as well. During that timeframe I no longer had control. My emotions overpowered anything I tried to accomplish in order to get myself back on course. I wasn’t sleeping well and I would find myself deep in thought about all that had transpired and how it affected me. I would often think who would be next? There was a dark cloud surrounding my life and I just could not get out of this funk.

Fast forward to two months later, while still coping with the loss of one member I lost another one. My cousin who was only 22 years old with a newborn baby was murdered. Murdered on his own doorstep. This one cut deep and once again left me drowning in my emotions. This loss was a different type of hurt because I could not understand why. Why would someone be so heartless to take someone’s life over a materialistic gain? Why would someone take a first time father from their newborn son? His friends, his family and his significant other. No way was my family mourning another loss so soon. The pieces I attempted to put back together in strive to regain my happiness was put on hold once again.

Not only am I dealing with things that are happening within my own family, but my small community as well. The increase in gun violence and the amount of deaths that are occurring from it. The more I am away from home the better I feel. While I know there is violence all around, I no longer feel safe in a place where I was born and raised due to the recent events. There is no security within my comfortability of knowing that someone who took my cousin’s life and so many others that have committed murders are still walking around free. The lack of value that others place on the lives of their peers is sickening. I prefer to avoid the news and certain things just for the sake of my sanity.

Despite the challenges I am facing with my emotions, I am making it my mission to get back to where I need to be. I am dealing with my emotions in a way where I will not let them get the very best of me. Life is to be lived for as long as we are blessed to do so. Life can change at any given moment, so I have to embrace all that comes with it and find a way to push through it. When we allow our emotions to become a hinderance we only suffer in the end. One day and one step at a time is the only way to get past anything in life; for that very reason I am a work in progress.

Protect Your Energy

Stop giving others the power over your emotions. Every time you feed into the negativity the other person wins. Seeing you fret is fulfillment for some. Don’t allow anyone to see you sweat. Move through life with intention and a purpose at all times. Don’t be a victim to the next persons circumstances. While It’s easy to become distracted with the things surrounding you; you have to remain focused. If you feed into all of the things that arises that’s destined to take you off your course then you lose control. Your power lies within the self control you possess when distractions occur. Making conscious decisions represents your will power when conflict is involved. Situations will transpire but that does not mean it deserves your attention or a reaction. However if you choose to; react and respond accordingly while preserving your energy and remaining in charge.

Message of the Day 3/21

You ever wonder why certain people find it hard to be genuine in showing love and support? It’s because everything is a comparison and or competition. If you’ve been working hard, taking chances and trying to get to a place with stability in your life it may be difficult to be happy for the next person if you feel they are undeserving; but how can you justify that? All we see is the outcome. We never take in consideration the depths an individual had to go through in order to finally get to where they want to be in life. That’s when assumptions take over.

Learn to celebrate and support others without a motive. Be selfless and considerate. Another person’s shine and accomplishments has nothing to do with your journey and capabilities. When the time is right, you will flourish in every aspect of your life. Supporting others will never take away from what is destined to be in your life. In my opinion, the world would be a better place if we found happiness in seeing others shine instead of showing disdain because success didn’t reach us first. I find myself inspired by those around me who are doing great things;I use it as motivation to push harder.

Totally disregard those who make other individuals feel less than because they have yet to reach the point they want to be in life. Instead of downing someone think of ways you can give them a lending hand. Whether it be through knowledge, connections or guidance; we have the power to uplift one another instead looking the other way. I understand that you can not have this approach with everyone especially if they have taken opportunities for granted in the past. However, showing unity and spreading love is such a wonderful feeling!

I Can and I Will…

The biggest push and setback we experience as individuals is the ability to believe in our capabilities and self motivation from within to get to where you want to be. It takes a lot of courage to inspire and believe in yourself throughout it all. Yes ,having support from others who push you to strive for the best and remain in your corner along your journey is great; but how you motivate yourself says all. Having the I can and I will mentality is what burns the fire within to strive for greatness. This post was inspired by a conversation I had in the mirror the other day. I don’t know about anyone else but I have a whole bathroom routine prior to beginning and ending my day lol. Anyway that’s a story for another day. Right now I want to take the time to share my most recent self motivation conversation. Check it out and let me know what you think. I hope it’s relatable and can inspire someone.

I can push myself to do what others consider the impossible

I will get up everyday with a purpose to work on my goals; my attitude will reflect positivity therefore I will get it done

I can put the pieces together when required

I will remain conscious of everything and everyone surrounding me

I can defeat the odds that’s stacked against me

I will prosper in all areas necessary to succeed

I can grow in ways that I’ve only dreamed of

When life gets me down I will rise above and not allow my failures to defeat me

I can accomplish anything I put my mind to

I will remain rebellious despite my circumstances

I can serve as an inspiration to those around me

I will use my journey as a stepping stone to surpass my goals


I will EXCEL

I can build and strengthen my foundation with everyday that I am given

I will take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way

I can capitalize because my determination to win triumphs my inability to give up

I will remain strong and fight for what’s mine

I can reach new levels

I will accept my flaws and embrace my shortcomings

I can improve in areas I show weakness

I will follow and lead by example

I can conquer my greatest fears with consistency and hard work

I will live with a sense of direction

I can navigate the direction that I can control

I will accept all the things that I cannot control

I can be the voice of reason within when I have self doubt

I will love myself enough not to accept anything less than what I deserve

I can do it and I will do it as simple as put and so can you

Message of the Day

Stepping out my comfort zone is something I’ve always struggled with; I mean let’s face it, it’s comfortable and what we are accustomed to so it requires nothing more or nothing less. However, over the years I’ve learned that while I may be comfortable with the typical routines staying this way only puts my potential, life experiences and growth at a standstill.

In order for us expand our horizons we must widen our surroundings. Life has so much more to offer than the proximity you may be accustomed to. Keeping yourself boxed in is a comfort mechanism related to fear. We fear the unknown so therefore we try our best to avoid it. Some things in life are inevitable despite how hard we try steer clear of certain situations. It’s imperative to live life without limits. It’s the only way to develop stability by simply living. In order to grow and learn we have to make mistakes through experience. As a kid my parents would always give lectures about adulthood and all it would bring. I heard everything they said however it didn’t register until I reached adulthood and began experiencing things for myself.

Take a chance on yourself, don’t be afraid of the risk. You never will know the outcome if you fail to step out on faith. Do your very best to face your fears at least once. Pursue your dreams that’s only existed within. The outcome may be beneficial if you just put forth the effort. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Pursue the opportunities that will allow you to excel in all areas of life. Try something different outside the normal routine. Travel to a new destination even if you have to go alone. Explore the world and all it has to offer. Get in tune with yourself. Don’t always depend on someone to be there. Go have fun alone. Be you own motivation. Stop putting so much emphasis on others to inspire and help motivate you. What happens if they lose focus? Then you will suffer as well. We are capable of so much. Our life and the outcome of it is solely based around the actions we take or fail to take.

Message of the Day

One of the hardest things about life is realizing and understanding when it’s time to move on. Sometimes our actions or even the actions of another lingers in our mind just a little too long. The thoughts we occupy in our brains turns into a battle of different scenarios, emotions and bitterness. Life is all about lessons, we live and we learn. Holding on to the past will never heal you or give you the closure you need. Move forward with the mentality that it will get better and it’s for the best that you let go. Only focus on the things you can control, for everything else will consistently be a losing battle within.