As I think back on my life I can’t count the number of times I’ve talked myself out of doing something I really desired and wanted to accomplish. Majority of times fear stood in the way or the lack of willingness on my part to put forth my best effort. A lot of times we get so caught up with the possibilities of the outcome that we fail see things through. When you think about the steps involved in making something happen it may cause you to dead an idea before bringing it to light. 

The next level of your life may require you to disconnect from certain things and people in order to get to where you strive to be and that’s ok. It’s the price you pay during self improvement in order to better yourself. Don’t feel bad about what you have to leave behind. Not everyone or everything is meant to be apart of your journey especially if isn’t adding value to your life. 

Switch things up often. Practice spontaneity, explore your surroundings, seek new connections and knowledge. The world is so much bigger than the proximity we grew up in. There is so much to experience, we just have to be willing to take advantage of all the world has to offer.

When it’s all said and done be sure you’re content with your actions and the results that come from it. Believe that you’re deserving and you’re already half way there.

Life After Death

Taking it back to the year of 2008. What was supposed to be one of the bestyears of my life, turned out to be the worst. My year was set. I was gettingmarried in March and welcoming a baby girl in June. The events in between and after left an everlasting affect.

It all started in March, the week I was getting married. My grandma who was like a second mom to me went into the hospital with a “diabetic attack” Ok no problem this has happened before so she will be back home in no time I thought. We were informed that her kidneys were failing and the only way for them to improve was to do surgery for dialysis. Ma was 79 years old. The surgery would be a lot for her to bare and besides she wasn’t going for it anyway. She was content with the end being near. I remember vividly our last brief conversation. Things happened so quickly before we knew it, she was on life support and passed away a couple days later on March 15th,the day after I got married. I remember being so hurt and lost.  Yes, she lived a long life but that still didn’t change the fact that the one of the back bones of our family was gone. So what do we do now? The very next day my grandparents house caught on fire and they lost everything. A house that Ispent most of my childhood in was gone. In just two days my granddad had lost his of wife of over 60 years and the home they shared. Despite the losses he had endured in such a short time he remained strong for the family. Read More


Acceptance can be difficult depending on the aspect surrounding the situation(s).  A lot of time we are in denial or disregard the plain truths when in reality the issue at hand is coming to terms with it. When it comes to acceptance the variance is wide spread. Let’s take yourself for instance, you are the first one to take awareness of the changes that takes place within your life but the last one to accept it for what it really is. In order to make changes for improvement you MUST first face the truth. Stop running from your problems and making excuses. Once that happens then its time to hold yourself or the people involved accountable. Take the necessary steps to resolve the loose ends that you’ve been avoiding for so long. If you want to see change then your actions has to be reflective of that vision in order to contribute to the process. You have the power and you have the control when it comes to the direction of your life and the people involved. Take the wheel and steer it towards the right path.

The End Goal

To live is to grow and to learn. Whether the outcome of your actions are good or bad there is always a lesson to be learned. Don’t be so quick to hold your head down and beat yourself up when you experience failures. Instead use your failures as stepping stones to get you to the next level. What you take away from it and how you apply it in the future is solely up to you. Strive to accomplish the goal and gain knowledge along the way. Find ways that force you to dig deeper and reach newer heights. It’s imperative not to remain in the same level of comfort that you’re accustomed to. Step out of that comfort zone, set new goals that seem impossible to reach and expand your horizons. Nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream so put your best foot forward and let’s put in the work! The possibilities are limitless.

The Best Things In Life Are Free (Wants vs Needs)

Sometimes we get caught up thinking that happiness is based upon the materialistic things we have in life. Yes it’s required for us to have the basic necessities in order to survive but don’t put too much emphasis on the things that you “want” and currently don’t have. Differentiating and fully understanding the significance of our wants and needs can be a constant battle. Often times the things we want aren’t the things we need and we can definitely do without. It is important to be grateful and thankful for all those things around you that add value to your life that are free. Stop stressing about the things that are appealing to the eye instead appreciate what you do have. When your season arrives it will consist of everything that’s meant for you. Until then embrace the now as things could be a lot worst.

Biggest Downfall

Learn to accept the fact that you play a major role in the reason why things aren’t going the way you want them to in your life. Your actions and how you carry yourself as an individual is reflective in the opportunities you receive and are blessed with. Always take into consideration your approach when faced with something that could be detrimental to your growth. Practice self control and be considerate of others at all times.

Change Your Thought Process

What we speak into the universe and over our lives often impacts us far greater than we imagine or care to admit for that matter. Let’s face it, we all have been a victims of our thoughts at some point or another. Personally if I train my mind to believe in the negative thoughts I will not push myself as hard as I would on a normal basis. This is simply because I have already ruled out the possibility of accomplishing the task at hand. Having that type of mentality is where the problem lies. We have to be cautious with the self-doubt we place within ourselves when it comes to the unfamiliarity of particular situations. We have to train our minds to believe that we are capable of achieving anything. A positive mindset often leads to a positive outcome in the end. Time to turn your “I can’t” into “I can and I will”