Explore Your Options

Whether you truly believe it or not we all have options

No situation is set in stone and has the ability to change

Whether it’s in your personal life, friendships, and relationships or even within the workplace

You have the power and freedom to voice your opinion and make the necessary adjustments 

The worst thing we can do as individuals is to settle and accept less than what we deserve in all aspects of life

If it no longer serves you, you have the option to move on

Protect your wellbeing while keeping your best interest at heart

Not all decisions we make in life will reflect immediate change, but it shows substance

We must let go of the fear that we’re incapable of change due to our circumstances or the lack of resources

There will always be a better opportunity that awaits you

Exhaust all the possibilities the world has to offer

Ask for that raise or step out on faith to pursue your dreams

Sincere and loyal people still exist

Walk away from toxicity because it will destroy you

Choose your happiness above all

There will always be alternate routes you can take in order to get to the next level

Just because 1 thing fails; everything is not lost

Always keep your options open and know that you have the power over your life and not others

Message of the Day

Sometimes “failure” is inevitable. When we fall short of something we want to accomplish it doesn’t mean we’re incapable. It just means at that current time we didn’t have the means to reach our greatest potential whether it being the lack of knowledge or resources. That’s the beauty of not giving up and trying over and over again until we finally get it right. You may not succeed the first time but the second go round you’re able to develop a plan to take a different course of action. Just remember if it’s worth it, it won’t always come easy. Keep the faith and keep hope alive. The only way to triumph is to never give up.


Love is so much more than a feeling or physical attraction.

Love is a connection on deeper levels

Love is patience, love is selfless and love ever evolving

Love is a process that requires work and dedication like anything else in order to grow

Love is strengthened through communication

Love is being considerate

Love is building a foundation and support system

Love forms a team that wants to see one another win

Love is caring for someone just as much as your care for yourself

Love brings out the best in you

Love go through different phrases

Love is commitment on a higher level

Love is a union that transforms into a partnership

Love lifts you up instead of tearing you down

Love is a learning process and love is an adjustment

Love is NOT perfect but with the right individual love is certainly worth it

Love is acceptance and embracing your flaws

Love is prioritizing your wants and your needs

Love is a compromise

Love involves self-care and self-honesty

Love is an appreciation

Love is a whole lot of things but love from another shouldn’t define you

The love you possess for yourself should carry you even amid your darkest times

Love evolves around the stability of your well being

Love doesn’t come with a handbook so there is no concrete direction

Love simply comes from living and learning

Learn to love and improve yourself before you attempt perfection for someone else


Today’s topic is honesty. Oh how much better the world would be if we all were honest with not only ourselves but others as well.

When you think of honesty what comes to mind? For me, honesty is being very expressive whether it’s with words or with actions. Honesty is a representation of one’s character and beliefs. I’m sure we’ve all heard of or maybe even used the saying “I lie to you because I love you or I didn’t want to hurt you” right? This is partially true and I am guilty of being on the other end of the spectrum a time or two in my life. While we may think we are protecting someone by hiding the truth it only causes more damage in end to both parties involved.

The reality is the truth hurts far less than a lie; especially if it’s coming from someone that you love and trust. The fear of not being honest often times come from a person’s inability to accept their truth for what it is and be selfless. We often think that fabricating the truth will spare a person’s feelings. However, you must ask yourself Is sparing someone’s feelings more important than having the decency and respect to be an upstanding individual regardless of the outcome? Instead we focus more on our own guilt and karma than the consideration of the affects our actions may cause. The fear of the repercussions plays a major role as well.



Now switching gears to self-honesty. Personally, I think the most difficult aspect of honesty is being honest with ourselves. Self-honesty is essential when it comes to the overall growth of an individual. Now how many of us are willing to admit that we’ve run from the truth at some point in our life? *Hands up* ✋🏾 Yes, I am guilty of this as well. The hardest part about self-honesty is acceptance. Whether it’s the realization that it’s time to move on from certain situations, dealing with emotional or physical traits, or anything else that may be stopping you from reaching new heights. In most cases this is when it’s imperative for someone on the outside looking in to bring awareness to your faults. It is easy to train our minds to ignore our own voice even when we look in the mirror. The different perspectives through our eyes versus others creates the happy medium required for validation. We must learn to embrace our truths while remaining positive in knowing that anything is subject to change.

The Outcome

The outcome of our truth is typically the main reason we avoid expressing or acknowledging it. Not everyone will be receptive to hearing the truth. It all depends on the extent of the situation that makes it difficult to process. Dishonesty can become a hindrance for some. If the news cuts deep enough it can further lead to the inability to trust, causing issues with future companionships and self love. All it takes is for one bad experience to have an everlasting affect. The time is now to choose to be genuine, considerate and clear with your communication. Avoid prolonging the inevitable and allow your conscience to be free.


No matter our upbringing, or walks of life no one is exempt from hard times. Life can be on the up and up with everything going great then BOOM, life happens;The unexpected transpires. Your hardship may come in the form of a financial, physical, emotional or spiritual aspect. Things can get pretty low especially with coming to the terms with the current events you’re faced with.

Sometimes life gets the very best of us. It may seem like no matter how many steps you take in the right direction something or even someone always come along to knock you down in the process. In those moments we may tend to lose all hope and faith. We often think that trials and tribulations are put in place to hinder us, when in reality they are meant to mold and strengthen us into better individuals. Despite the hardships we may face in life, never lose hope or never lose faith. There is a lesson to be learned from everything that we go through.

Be patience with knowing that in due time things will improve for the better. Remain grateful and thankful even when the bigger picture isn’t visible. Don’t let the ways of the world leave you uninspired and defeated. Continue to release positive vibes out into the universe so that you can remain undefeated within your purpose. Life is not defined by the amount of things that happens to us, it is defined by our ability to overcome and prevail.

Downtime (Rest and Restore)

I’ll be the first to admit that I lack the will power to be at a standstill for an extended period of time. Life is very busy and hectic at times. I’m a wife, a mother of 3 and I work full time. There is always something to do during the week with balancing work, school, household duties and extra-circular activities. Most days are 18-hour days with a minimum amount of sleep. I’ve always been the type of individual that doesn’t require much sleep so 5-6 hours a day works well. However, there are days where I am physically and emotionally drained with the day to day activities. A lot of times we focus so much on completing tasks and taking care of our families that we neglect ourselves by not getting the proper rest to restore our mind and body. It is imperative to take a step back to prioritize our own self-care. A fresh and well rested mind inspires you to want to accomplish even more which will only end up being beneficial. Just like we make the time to catch up on the latest news via social media we should allocate the time to get in tune with ourselves. Think about a time where you were agitated and bothered by the slightest things. Lack of rest and restoration influences our mood and energy. The next time you wake up in the morning, instead of grabbing your phone, take 10 minutes to relax in complete silence before starting your day. At the end of the day dedicate at least 15-20 minutes to decompress from all the events of the day. My goal is to accomplish this at least once a day but honestly most days I fail with being consistent. I am continuously a work in progress when it comes to taking the time out for myself. One of my goals for the new year is having ME time at least once a month. Remember that our families depend on us but in order for us to be healthy and fully available we must take care of ourselves first. 

Live In The Moment

Sometimes we dwell on the past and things we can’t change a little too much. Instead of living in the moment we’re too busy looking back and looking ahead. Yes it’s imperative that we prepare for our future but let’s not wish our lives away in the process. We must learn to bask in every moment we’re given with that thought process that it can end at any given moment. Let’s all start by being appreciative for TODAY!