Message of the Day

Stepping out my comfort zone is something I’ve always struggled with; I mean let’s face it, it’s comfortable and what we are accustomed to so it requires nothing more or nothing less. However, over the years I’ve learned that while I may be comfortable with the typical routines staying this way only puts my potential, life experiences and growth at a standstill.

In order for us expand our horizons we must widen our surroundings. Life has so much more to offer than the proximity you may be accustomed to. Keeping yourself boxed in is a comfort mechanism related to fear. We fear the unknown so therefore we try our best to avoid it. Some things in life are inevitable despite how hard we try steer clear of certain situations. It’s imperative to live life without limits. It’s the only way to develop stability by simply living. In order to grow and learn we have to make mistakes through experience. As a kid my parents would always give lectures about adulthood and all it would bring. I heard everything they said however it didn’t register until I reached adulthood and began experiencing things for myself.

Take a chance on yourself, don’t be afraid of the risk. You never will know the outcome if you fail to step out on faith. Do your very best to face your fears at least once. Pursue your dreams that’s only existed within. The outcome may be beneficial if you just put forth the effort. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Pursue the opportunities that will allow you to excel in all areas of life. Try something different outside the normal routine. Travel to a new destination even if you have to go alone. Explore the world and all it has to offer. Get in tune with yourself. Don’t always depend on someone to be there. Go have fun alone. Be you own motivation. Stop putting so much emphasis on others to inspire and help motivate you. What happens if they lose focus? Then you will suffer as well. We are capable of so much. Our life and the outcome of it is solely based around the actions we take or fail to take.

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