What’s Your Excuse?

We all have things that are more than capable of hindering our will, desire and determination to make things happen; I get it. Majority of the time we force ourselves into believing we simply can not make the time to do the simple things. A few days ago, I was totally inspired by the effort I saw from fellow gym mate. As I was on the treadmill doing my cool down, I watched an elderly lady enter the gym. She was using a walker and was on a oxygen tank. I watched as she slowly made her way to one of the exercise machines to begin her workout. She placed her walker right beside her to store her oxygen tank but guess what? That did not stop her. I was in awe and instantly thought to myself seriously what’s your excuse? Why do I procrastinate at times instead of making it happen?

No matter the circumstances that could hold us back we should not allow anything to stop us from working and getting better. Even though her workout was slow and steady she was putting in the time and effort to get it done. Despite the slow process, progress was still being made. The key is to take it one step at a time. I left the gym that day motivated and inspired to have witness such grace. The next time you open your mouth to make an excuse you have to ask yourself

Am I physically and mentally capable of making it happen? If not what am I doing to improve my chances

Is my desire to succeed greater than my desire to make excuses?

Are the excuses I’m making adding value to my life or just putting it at a standstill ?

If I fail to go after my dreams, can I turn to someone else outside of my spouse to take care of my responsibilities in life? And if so is it fair to my family?

The last one is a kicker for me. I know in my heart that if I fail to be a dreamer, a believer and put in the work my family will be gravely affected.

Giving yourself the chance and opportunity to prosper is one the greatest gifts you can give.

At least put forth the effort and make the attempt. Just to be fair. I know this isn’t idea and relatable to everyone because we all have different things that may or may not be holding us back. However, before we can expect someone to give us a helping hand; we have to first extend the hand to ourselves. Keep the faith and keep hope alive. Turn your I can’t into I can and I will.

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  1. You’re so right. no matter how we may feel or what we’re going through in life; we still have to take accountability and take steps to achieve what we’re after.


  2. Nice post! I like how you found inspiration from the older woman. Perhaps many of us would have been caught up in our own world and not noticed. I personally find it interesting how we often choose not to take that simple step of doing what is best for us; like our brains and bodies are hard wired to continue the habits of the past that don’t necessarily serve us well. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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