Message of the Day

One of the hardest things about life is realizing and understanding when it’s time to move on. Sometimes our actions or even the actions of another lingers in our mind just a little too long. The thoughts we occupy in our brains turns into a battle of different scenarios, emotions and bitterness. Life is all about lessons, we live and we learn. Holding on to the past will never heal you or give you the closure you need. Move forward with the mentality that it will get better and it’s for the best that you let go. Only focus on the things you can control, for everything else will consistently be a losing battle within.

13 Comments on “Message of the Day

  1. You said it all! It is true. Each human being is different and should do things their way. It is okay to fall behind a little sometimes and try to figure yourself out. Thank you so much for this kind reminder 😀

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  2. This is an important message to get out there. I am finally starting to not focus on my mistakes and the past and re-focus on learning from my mistakes/past. And it’s hard sometimes!

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    • Yes very hard. I still struggle with it myself but I’m learning to live and let go. Thanks for reading and I appreciate the feedback


  3. Great post! And everything you said is true but sometimes it’s easier said than done!


    • Yes that is so true. Some people find comfort dealing with their own issues by making others feel bad in the process. Thanks for your feedback and I appreciate you reading


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