Embrace Your Imperfections

Living in an imperfect world we all strive to be “perfect” in a sense. Sometimes we critique the smallest things that can lead us to think that we are not doing enough. The problem with us being our biggest critic is that we view the world in the eyes of others and the picture society paints for us therefore, perception becomes everything. Every day that you’re living will be a day to strive towards improvement. The process of growing as an individual will be a lifelong battle. The ultimate satisfaction comes from documenting your progress along the way so that you can appreciate just how far you’ve come. The baby steps we often take for granted are always a step in the right direction whether we are in acceptance of it or not. Embrace your flaws and all of your shortcomings as they are the makings of you. Most importantly, learn to disregard judgement from yourself and others. How can you prosper if you continue to speak negativity into existence? So do away with it. You can and you will get to where you want to be. All you have to do is continue putting in the work and believe.

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