As I think back on my life I can’t count the number of times I’ve talked myself out of doing something I really desired and wanted to accomplish. Majority of times fear stood in the way or the lack of willingness on my part to put forth my best effort. A lot of times we get so caught up with the possibilities of the outcome that we fail see things through. When you think about the steps involved in making something happen it may cause you to dead an idea before bringing it to light. 

The next level of your life may require you to disconnect from certain things and people in order to get to where you strive to be and that’s ok. It’s the price you pay during self improvement in order to better yourself. Don’t feel bad about what you have to leave behind. Not everyone or everything is meant to be apart of your journey especially if isn’t adding value to your life. 

Switch things up often. Practice spontaneity, explore your surroundings, seek new connections and knowledge. The world is so much bigger than the proximity we grew up in. There is so much to experience, we just have to be willing to take advantage of all the world has to offer.

When it’s all said and done be sure you’re content with your actions and the results that come from it. Believe that you’re deserving and you’re already half way there.

6 Comments on “Willingness

  1. I can so relate to every line in this post:) fear of failure is such a big hurdle to get over, but every time I do, I gain so much. I hope we all have a year that is full of new experiences and jumping into new things.


    • Yes fear hinders a lot of from going after our dreams. However once we take the initial step it feels so much better. Wishing you blessing and much success in the new year. Thanks for reading and giving feedback!

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