Racing Against Time

Let’s face it we have all been faced with the time limits we put on excelling, accomplishing our goals and living happily after ever. The thing is everything that comes our way, happens when we least expect and exactly when its supposed to happen. The perfect timing really does exists and we have to learn to bask in the moment while allowing ourselves to simply live without regrets.

I mean think about it, has there ever been anything you’ve overcome that you did not walk away from with more knowledge? There is a lesson to be learned within any given occurrence. Society has taught us that you must reach a level of achievement during certain peaks of our lives. This mentality forces us to Race Against Time.

All of sudden we look around and the years have passed us by then we are left with the questions of where did time go? Why Am I not where I want to be yet? Will I ever be where I want to be? The answer to all those questions are yes

Comparing your life with the next will only make you overanalyze accomplishments or lack thereof.  Ever stop to ask yourself, if you are doing all that you can to strive for greatness? Are you putting forth the effort to become a student of the things you desire? Are you able to stand on your own two feet and provide yourself with the necessary resources, encouragement and motivation needed for success? The list really can go on and on. The point of it all is to become aware of your strengths and weakness for the greater of realization.

Everything you dream of and long for is within your reach, however you just have to work for it. Nothing comes to those who sit and wish upon a star. Life is all about chances so I would advise taking them as often as you can. Invest in yourself.  Time is too valuable to waste it on valueless situations. Trust the process and stay true to your wants and needs.

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