The Podcast Is Here

So it’s official, my podcast has arrived! The Unfiltered Views Podcast is here!!

Initially my goal was to start a podcast but the blog happened and I’ve been focused on that every since. Hence my blog anniversary is right around the corner. Anyway, I always had the idea of creating a podcast simply because I love to discuss different scenarios. The podcast is centered around current events of the world and I give insight about my life and personal matters. Any platform I’ve ever created serves as a therapeutic method to express myself. I speak life and discuss the realities of the world while not only doing it in attempt to help others but to help myself grow as well. We all experience things in life that we may or may not feel are relatable to others but they are.

While I know that all things and circumstances will not apply to everyone, I still strive to be transparent throughout it all. The personal opinions I have when it comes to certain aspects in life will not always align with others and that’s ok as well. The goal is to provide great content and continue to be a work in progress.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to give feedback, in need of advice or if you have a request for a topic you would like to hear me discuss. Please note that I will not be big on discussing politics as we all know that’s tricky subject. Lastly I would like to extend my gratitude to anyone that takes the time out to interact with the podcast. You all are appreciated

Listed below you will find all social media platforms that the podcast are available on.


Here you will find links to other platforms to listen on as well including Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Apple Podcast:

I can also be reached via email at The podcast can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by searching Unfiltered Views Podcast. Come join he movement to keep up with the latest episodes.

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