Message of the Day

Your story may need to be told in order to help someone in need. Everyone need to know that they are not alone with the struggles they may face within their walks of life. Someone somewhere has a story similar to yours just variance within the circumstances. Don’t be afraid of your path because it’s apart of your history. Use your past as a stepping stone to look back and acknowledge exactly how far you’ve come. Be a witness to your testimony to embrace the things you’ve overcome. Be proud of the struggles you’ve faced over time. The struggles are only temporarily and a mold to your character. When I think back to my younger days I could have never imagined that I’ll be where I am today. While I still go through a lot, my ability to remain strong and get through it all is what keeps things in perspective. Life is filled with many unexpected events. How we react to the things that occur is what truly defines us. Our experiences in life can really make us or break us. Some things that are traumatizing, truth is we may never heal from it them. However in the midst of our darkest moments we have to find a way to move forward. Don’t be ashamed of your life story or where you came from. If your past isn’t the best part of your life, use it as your inspiration to create a better present and future. My past was dark but my future is bright! Shoutout to my past because it molded me and inspired me to plant the seeds to flourish into who I am today! Embrace your trials and tribulations because some things we simply do not have any control of. Please know that the way your story begins does not have to be the conclusion of how it all ends. For as long as you live, your story will be continuously in the making. Therefore live life in the movement and be thankful for your existence. Hard times doesn’t last forever. Learn to take the good with the bad. We are all just living our lives trying to find our way.

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