Protect Your Energy

Stop giving others the power over your emotions. Every time you feed into the negativity the other person wins. Seeing you fret is fulfillment for some. Don’t allow anyone to see you sweat. Move through life with intention and a purpose at all times. Don’t be a victim to the next persons circumstances. While It’s easy to become distracted with the things surrounding you; you have to remain focused. If you feed into all of the things that arises that’s destined to take you off your course then you lose control. Your power lies within the self control you possess when distractions occur. Making conscious decisions represents your will power when conflict is involved. Situations will transpire but that does not mean it deserves your attention or a reaction. However if you choose to; react and respond accordingly while preserving your energy and remaining in charge.

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  1. Have you read the Celestine Prophecy? It was a New York Times Best Seller. It has an interesting theory about the main personality types- givers, takers, aloof, etc. I think you would like it.

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