The First Step

Sometimes it’s hard to take the step that will take us to the next level in our lives. Majority of the time it’s driven by fear or the comfortability that causes us to be resistant to change. Despite the cause, it is mandatory to make executive decisions when it comes to your life and your well being. Never get too comfortable or stuck in the same position that will stunt your growth. New levels will always require a different version of you. Decision making and timing will always be a major factor required for growth. Growth is never ending so keep growing. Procrastination is real and a downfall that a lot of us turn the blind eye to. We tend to move hesitantly and ponder on the uncertainty of the outcome of the decisions we desire to make. Therefore, we battle our thoughts and decisions internally instead of making an impactful decision that could change our lives forever. Imagine coming to the realization of what is required to improve your chances in life but you’re afraid. Instead you continue to accept things for what they are and live with uneasiness because you know you deserve better. The power lies within you, your efforts and your desire to win. Thinking and saying are totally different than actually taking the initiative to do something. The thoughts and desires you have will never manifest if you’re afraid to try. We’ve all been there so it’s relatable to many. All it takes is a step in the right direction. Whether it’s stepping out on faith walking towards your dreams or taking a step back to reevaluate your life. Taking the proper step can be an addition or subtraction to your life in the sense of chances and opportunities. The step taken is related to the things and people within your surroundings. Be content throughout the path you choose. You may fail a time or two and even be misguided but in the end the journey is well worth it.

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