Acceptance can be difficult depending on the aspect surrounding the situation(s).  A lot of time we are in denial or disregard the plain truths when in reality the issue at hand is coming to terms with it. When it comes to acceptance the variance is wide spread. Let’s take yourself for instance, you are the first one to take awareness of the changes that takes place within your life but the last one to accept it for what it really is. In order to make changes for improvement you MUST first face the truth. Stop running from your problems and making excuses. Once that happens then its time to hold yourself or the people involved accountable. Take the necessary steps to resolve the loose ends that you’ve been avoiding for so long. If you want to see change then your actions has to be reflective of that vision in order to contribute to the process. You have the power and you have the control when it comes to the direction of your life and the people involved. Take the wheel and steer it towards the right path.

6 Comments on “Acceptance

  1. Acceptance is something that doesn’t come easy for me but your words are encouraging and so important to remember!


  2. I am currently working on this. I used to do everything to avoid accepting things. Your post is great encouragement to keep going.


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