The Best Things In Life Are Free (Wants vs Needs)

Sometimes we get caught up thinking that happiness is based upon the materialistic things we have in life. Yes it’s required for us to have the basic necessities in order to survive but don’t put too much emphasis on the things that you “want” and currently don’t have. Differentiating and fully understanding the significance of our wants and needs can be a constant battle. Often times the things we want aren’t the things we need and we can definitely do without. It is important to be grateful and thankful for all those things around you that add value to your life that are free. Stop stressing about the things that are appealing to the eye instead appreciate what you do have. When your season arrives it will consist of everything that’s meant for you. Until then embrace the now as things could be a lot worst.

4 Comments on “The Best Things In Life Are Free (Wants vs Needs)

  1. Your message is very true. We often define our happiness to the material that we own, and wish to have. Keep on inspiring more people.


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