Trust The Process

Success doesn’t come without failure. Each journey is unique. It is our job to put in the work and do our best to prepare for any interruptions that may come along the way. Its not meant to be easy but with consistency and dedication it will be worth it. Believe in yourself and all of your abilities. If you fall down nine times get up ten. No one will take notice of what it takes for you to get to where you want to be, however it can be appreciated and celebrated by YOU. Despite the circumstances push through. Don’t give up and most certainly don’t give in. Your strength during the worst of times builds character so keep at it.


Everyone wants to be loved but at what cost? This post is for my ladies who give so much but receive so little in return at times. The purpose is to respect and be aware of your own self worth. Just to make a clear indication, this message will not apply to everyone.

Yes, I get it no one is perfect but that does not mean we have to accept degrading or harmful behavior. At some point in life we are all deserving of second chances but what happens when those second chances become repetitive? When it comes to men they will only put you through what you allow them to put you through. There will come a time when a person will run out of second chances. Your value and self respect should be your top priorities at all times. Never plead with someone to respect or value you. That’s a personal choice on their behalf.

Most importantly stop ignoring the obvious signs in hopes that things will improve. If you see potential, remember to take it for what it’s worth and not be misguided by it. You should never be in a situation where the weight of the world is on your shoulders alone with a significant other around.

Stay true to your standards and all that you stand for. Loving yourself enough to walk away from any relationship that no longer means you well is okay. I understand it becomes difficult when history is involved but there isn’t any reason you should accept less than what you deserve. Take time to heal and rebuild if needed. It’s imperative to love yourself more than you love the idea of being in a relationship.

The Time is Now

So what’s keeping you from stepping out on faith and going after certain things? Well we’ve all been guilty of saying it before “the timing isn’t right”. So when exactly is the time right? What factors are involved that gives you the comfort of saying ok now is the time?For me I can be quite the procrastinator when it comes to finalizing things and actually making decisions. I find myself pondering on ideas and creating unnecessary stress simply because I put too much emphasis on the different scenarios that can possibly take place. 90 percent of the time I delay a process that ends up being beneficial in the end. Whether I fail or succeed in trying something new there is a lesson to be learned. Trail and error gives us the ability to gain knowledge and have a better understanding for improvement purposes. Life is short. The tomorrow or the next time we so frequently speak of may never arrive. Therefore, the time is of the essence. Make sure you do your research and prepare for the movement you are attempting to make beforehand then go for it. You really do not have anything to lose. The time is NOW

Who and What Do You Believe In?

Be a firm believer when it comes to your dreams and aspirations. Having a support system is great, however not everyone is given that luxury. Do not let the negativity and lack of support change your vision. As long as you believe in yourself then that’s all that matters.

So the question is do you believe in the doubts of others more than you believe in yourself?

Think about all the times you’ve shared your vision with someone and they didn’t have to same outlook as you. Did it alter your focus and make you question yourself? If so, let that be even more of a reason to accomplish your goals. Not to prove anyone wrong but to prove to yourself that you’re capable. Capable of accomplishing and excelling despite the odds being stacked against you.

Stay the course and stay focused. Your drive, patience, and faith determines your outcome. Always remember that you’re in control of the impact you allow outsiders to have. If you’re passionate about it then you owe it to yourself to pursue it.

Nightly Ritual

My nightly ritual before going to bed is to unwind. I take the time to decompress from the events of the day in preparation for tomorrow. Letting go and ending my night peacefully becomes my main focus. Nothing compares to your inner peace. You owe it yourself because no one else can provide it for you. Self care is the best form of care you can have in your life. Make it your priority!

It’s Only Temporary

Sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us, we’re only human. Whatever you do to try remain positive and smile through it all. Chest out and Chin up you got this.

Image vs Reflection

Be true to yourself by focusing on strengthening your overall health physically, mentally and spiritually. If you invest too much time into the image society paints for you, you may lose yourself along the way. The peer pressure of body images, statistics and other people’s expectations can be stressful. Each and every one of us are on our own personal journeys with timelines designed specifically for us. Comparing your position in life to the next person based off of their journey or genetics serves you no purpose. Your persona should be a reflection of your true self and not the “image” of others as you are 1 of a kind.