Message of the Day 3/21

You ever wonder why certain people find it hard to be genuine in showing love and support? It’s because everything is a comparison and or competition. If you’ve been working hard, taking chances and trying to get to a place with stability in your life it may be difficult to be happy for the next person if you feel they are undeserving; but how can you justify that? All we see is the outcome. We never take in consideration the depths an individual had to go through in order to finally get to where they want to be in life. That’s when assumptions take over.

Learn to celebrate and support others without a motive. Be selfless and considerate. Another person’s shine and accomplishments has nothing to do with your journey and capabilities. When the time is right, you will flourish in every aspect of your life. Supporting others will never take away from what is destined to be in your life. In my opinion, the world would be a better place if we found happiness in seeing others shine instead of showing disdain because success didn’t reach us first. I find myself inspired by those around me who are doing great things;I use it as motivation to push harder.

Totally disregard those who make other individuals feel less than because they have yet to reach the point they want to be in life. Instead of downing someone think of ways you can give them a lending hand. Whether it be through knowledge, connections or guidance; we have the power to uplift one another instead looking the other way. I understand that you can not have this approach with everyone especially if they have taken opportunities for granted in the past. However, showing unity and spreading love is such a wonderful feeling!

8 Comments on “Message of the Day 3/21

  1. This is such an important point that I wish more people would see in the world! We can work hard to rise up an succeed while also being truly happy for those that are succeeding around us

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  2. I love this. I have met so many people who tear down instead of building up and it’s such a shame. It’s so simple to jus spread love and lift each other up!

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