Today’s topic is honesty. Oh how much better the world would be if we all were honest with not only ourselves but others as well.

When you think of honesty what comes to mind? For me, honesty is being very expressive whether it’s with words or with actions. Honesty is a representation of one’s character and beliefs. I’m sure we’ve all heard of or maybe even used the saying “I lie to you because I love you or I didn’t want to hurt you” right? This is partially true and I am guilty of being on the other end of the spectrum a time or two in my life. While we may think we are protecting someone by hiding the truth it only causes more damage in end to both parties involved.

The reality is the truth hurts far less than a lie; especially if it’s coming from someone that you love and trust. The fear of not being honest often times come from a person’s inability to accept their truth for what it is and be selfless. We often think that fabricating the truth will spare a person’s feelings. However, you must ask yourself Is sparing someone’s feelings more important than having the decency and respect to be an upstanding individual regardless of the outcome? Instead we focus more on our own guilt and karma than the consideration of the affects our actions may cause. The fear of the repercussions plays a major role as well.



Now switching gears to self-honesty. Personally, I think the most difficult aspect of honesty is being honest with ourselves. Self-honesty is essential when it comes to the overall growth of an individual. Now how many of us are willing to admit that we’ve run from the truth at some point in our life? *Hands up* ✋🏾 Yes, I am guilty of this as well. The hardest part about self-honesty is acceptance. Whether it’s the realization that it’s time to move on from certain situations, dealing with emotional or physical traits, or anything else that may be stopping you from reaching new heights. In most cases this is when it’s imperative for someone on the outside looking in to bring awareness to your faults. It is easy to train our minds to ignore our own voice even when we look in the mirror. The different perspectives through our eyes versus others creates the happy medium required for validation. We must learn to embrace our truths while remaining positive in knowing that anything is subject to change.

The Outcome

The outcome of our truth is typically the main reason we avoid expressing or acknowledging it. Not everyone will be receptive to hearing the truth. It all depends on the extent of the situation that makes it difficult to process. Dishonesty can become a hindrance for some. If the news cuts deep enough it can further lead to the inability to trust, causing issues with future companionships and self love. All it takes is for one bad experience to have an everlasting affect. The time is now to choose to be genuine, considerate and clear with your communication. Avoid prolonging the inevitable and allow your conscience to be free.


  1. This was such a fantastic read. Thank you so much for sharing. ” the most difficult aspect of honesty is being honest with ourselves.” this is SO true – so many people don’t understand the power of being self aware. Sharing this post!

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